Will we have VAR in futsal too?

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is now a well-established system used in many sports. The technology has been used at the FIFA World Cup, the Women’s World Cup, and many major football leagues. But what about futsal? Will VAR be used in professional futsal tournaments too? And if so, when will it happen? Currently, there have … Read more

What technology do referees use?

You may think that sports referees and umpires are old-fashioned people. How else could you explain their funny outfits and striped shirts? But the job of refereeing is actually very high-tech, and many of the tools used by refs and umpires are actually pretty cool. Let’s review a few of them here! Instant replay & … Read more

What equipment is used in futsal?

You can play futsal with only a ball and a pair of shoes. You can play without a net or a goal post in an improvised field. But professionally, futsal is played on a hard court, between two teams of five players each. There are goalkeepers; but one of each team’s players can also act … Read more

Is being a referee difficult?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a great referee? The job requires more than just physical fitness and knowledge of the rules. You also have to be prepared for the stress of handling disagreements, angry players, and fans who think you’re wrong no matter how perfect your calls are. Being a referee … Read more

These are the best futsal players of all time!

Futsal is a great game and these players exemplify why. Not only are their stats amazing but they also have the skills to back it up. They’ve won multiple championships and their style of play is unmatched by anyone else in the world. I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re some of the best futsal players … Read more

These are the ways you can get better in soccer

There are many ways to get better in soccer. You can practice your footwork, or improve your conditioning, or strengthen your passes. In this article, we’ll go over a few of the best ways that you can improve your game, and hopefully show that improvement every time you step onto the field! Conditioning  Conditioning is … Read more