The fundamental skills you need in order to play soccer

If you want to play soccer, there are a number of fundamental skills that you need to learn. These skills include passing, dribbling, shooting/scoring, and heading. Let’s take a look at each one of these essential skills in more detail.


Passing the ball is a fundamental skill of soccer. After you have possession of the ball, you can pass it to another player. It’s important to remember that there are different types of passes, depending on whether you are passing directly to a teammate or sending it over toward them.

Passing directly: If there’s an open space in front of you and no defenders blocking your path, then you want to pass directly into that space so that one of your teammates can run onto it quickly and start dribbling toward goal (see “Dribbling” below). This type of pass is called an “open-field” pass because there aren’t many defenders between yourself and the other players on your team.

Passing indirectly: When passing across field for someone who isn’t right next to you, try aiming for an area where there is less traffic so he has more time and space to receive it without being tackled immediately by opponents who are sprinting downfield after him from behind. These types of passes are called indirect passes because they travel through many more people before reaching their intended receiver than do direct ones like those mentioned above.

Dribbling and ball control

You’ll find dribbling to be one of the most important skills in soccer.

Dribbling is the act of moving the ball around the field with your feet. It’s a fundamental skill that requires great balance and coordination to perform well. If you don’t have good dribbling ability, you may find yourself not being able to do what your team needs in order to win games!

You can practice dribbling anywhere: on a basketball court, football field, or even just in an empty parking lot near your home! To start out learning how to dribble properly, try doing some simple exercises like walking across a flat surface while keeping control over the ball at all times. After getting comfortable doing this exercise I recommend trying other advanced tricks to improve your ball handling skills.


In soccer, shooting is an essential skill to have. You can shoot with your feet, head or any part of your body directly at the goal.

It’s important to know what kind of shot you’re going to take before you take it—the speed and height of a shot depend on where you are on the field and what’s happening around you.

Other skills that will help you out on the field include heading (or jumping with your head), tackling and blocking shots. All these things make a great soccer player—but they’re not fundamental skills. You can get better at soccer by practicing any other skill, but you should master the fundamentals first!

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